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Selasa, Mac 02, 2010

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'MOSSAD BUNUH MABHUH' ialah tajuk berita dalam Utusan Online 21 Februari 2010. Berita ini berkaitan dengan pembunuhan komander tentera Hamas, Mahmud Abdul Rauf al-Mabhuh pada 19 Januari 2010 di hotel Al-Bustan Rotana, Dubai. (Hamas ialah parti politik yang mentadbir daerah Gaza, Palestin.)

Dua tahun yang lalu, BBC News 13 Februari 2008 menerbitkan berita bertajuk 'BOMB KILLS TOP HEZBOLLAH LEADER'. Kepala berita tersebut berbunyi: 'The Lebanese group, Hezbollah says one of its top leaders, Imad Mughniyeh, has died in a bombing in Damascus, and has blamed Israel for assassinating him.' Laporan BBC itu berkaitan dengan pembunuhan pemimpin Hezbollah, Imad Fayez Mughniyah, pada 12 Februari 2008 di Damaskus, Syria. (Hezbollah ialah parti politik di Lubnan.)

Rencana pembunuhan Imad Fayez Mughniyah diceritakan dengan terperinci oleh Gordon Thomas dalam buku beliau, Gideon's Spies: The Secret History of the Mossad (2009). Berikut ialah petikan daripada buku tersebut (muka surat 664-667) yang memberikan gambaran bagaimana skuad pembunuh Mossad, kidon, menyempurnakan misi mereka:

'... the kidon brigadier-general had chosen the three opreatives he would use for the assassination. Each had been assigned a code name, which matched the one-off passport he would have. The documents would be specially prepared by the Mossad travel department from the stock of passports in storage.

... "Pierre," the French passport holder, ... was identified as a car mechanic. "Manuel," the holder of the Spanish passport ... a tour guide; "Ludwig" 's German passport ... electrician.

... While the documents were being prepared by the forgers working in the basement of Mossad headquarters, in the Negev Desert the three kidon memorized their "legends" - the stories they would tell if challenged by immigration, police, or the security officers of Syria.

... In the meantime the travel department checked the flights into Damascus ... the kidon should travel separately and arrive at different times in the Syrian capital, and the flights should be on Air France, Jordanian and Alitalia airlines ... the purpose of visit should be given as "holiday."

... Day after day the planning for the assassination continued. Instructors checked every detail with the kidon: the language they would speak, the clothes they would wear, the reason why they had come to Syria out of season.

... February 9, 2008, the three kidon made their way to Tel Aviv airport to catch their flights to Vienna, Paris, and Frankfurt ... By nightfall, the three kidon were in their airport hotels waiting for their flights to Damascus the following day.

... On their cell phones was a close-up of Mughniyeh's face, ...

... February 10, 2008, Pierre boarded Air France Flight AF 1519 at Charles De Gaulle airport ... From Madrid, Manuel had flown on Jordanian Flight RJ 110 ... Ludwig's Alitalia Flight AZ 7353 had left Milan's Malpensa airport ... and arrived in Damascus at 6:30 P.M. local time.

... By late evening they had driven past the dead-letter box and located the lock-up garage ... they picked up the explosives, the small portable radio, and the key to the lock-up garage left in the box. Behind the door of the garage, they worked to prepare the bomb, which would be concealed inside the radio and placed in the car's headrest on the passenger side.

... 7 P.M. on Tuesday, February 12, ... Ludwig took up position at one street corner, Manuel another. Pierre drove the hired car further down the street from where the coming traffic was approaching. He activated the bomb placed in the headrest.

... 9 P.M. a silver Mitsubishi Pajero turned into the street and parked close to where Ludwig and Manuel were standing on opposite sides. For a moment the driver and his passenger sat checking the street.

... Then the passenger door opened and Imad Mughniyeh emerged ... He started to walk up the street toward where the hired car was parked. He was level with the vehicle when there was a huge explosion, which blew the car into pieces and beheaded Mughniyeh. Later, some of his body parts were found twenty meters away.

... Which of the kidon was the first to trigger the bomb would remain unknown. But before the first screaming guests ran ... and the police and ambulances arrived, the three assassins had vanished.'
Bangkai kereta yang dikatakan telah diletupkan oleh skuad pembunuh Mossad di perkarangan Pusat Kebudayaan Iran, Damaskus, Syria pada 12 Februari 2008 bagi membunuh Imad Fayez Mughniyah. Bom kawalan jauh yang disembunyikan dalam penyandar kepala tempat duduk penumpang hadapan kereta berkenaan diletupkan sebaik sahaja Mughniyah berada di sisinya.
Berita pembunuhan Imad Fayez Mughniyah yang disiarkan oleh BBC News 13 Februari 2008.