Selasa, Ogos 13, 2013

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The list (courtesy of OutSyed The Box) has grown to include a car bombing and the latest Aidilfitry shootings - Raya ke tidak Raya, berbunuh berterusan. 
The authorities have got to get cracking. The joint taskforce can't wait. But please, don't let PEMANDU drive it la. Get the AG or/and the IGP to head the task force. 
1. Saturday, Aug 3 -  Kajang: Balamurali Balakrishnan died at the scene.

2. Friday, Aug 2 -  Pandan Indah: Gold dealer Wong Foo Yui was shot at traffic light 

3. Wednesday, July 31 - Parit Buntar: Former EO detainee N. Jeevandran, 26, shot dead 

4. Tuesday, July 30 - Mentakab: Several shots were fired into the house of a businessman 

5. Monday, July 29 - Bkt Mertajam: G. Santhanasamy, 30, injured in the legs 

6. Kuala Lumpur: Banker Hussain Ahmad Najadi, 75, was shot dead 

7. Sunday, July 28 - Ipoh: Jasrafveenderjeet Singh, 25, died due to a gunshot wound 

8. Saturday, July 27 - Jempol: MyWatch, Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishan, was shot in Bahau. 

9. July 26: Temerloh: A lorry driver from (PPK) Temerloh was shot 
10. July 18: Kulim: A gunman fired nine bullets, killing a 45-year-old teacher 

11. July 15: Kampar: A 51-year-old man and his son were shot 

12. July 12: George Town: A four-year-old boy was injured when a gunman opened fire 

13. July 8: Bachok: Student affairs senior assistant Hashim Mat Zain, 43 was killed

14. July 5: Pasir Mas: Teacher Mat Zaki Hashim, 35, serious injuries after being shot 

15. June 15: Putrajaya: Customs deputy DG Datuk Shaharuddin Ibrahim shot dead 

16. June 14: Kuala Kurau: businessman, Lim Kong Hai, seriously injured after shot 

17. June 6: Muar: Tan Chai Heng, 51, died of gunshot wounds on his face 

18. June 4: Taiping: Govindaraju @ Murthy, 36 died while  Manivannan injured 

19. May 29: Kuala Lumpur: A businessman survived despite being shot at seven times 

20. May 12: Butterworth: S. Kannan and G.Suresh killed while two others injured 

21. May 11: Seremban: Chalidass and G.Surentharan died and two friends shot 

22. May 12: Cheras: N.Saravanan and Tamil Selvam both shot 

23. May 11: Lunas: Thangaraja, 31, was found dead with 10 gunshot wounds 

24. May 9: Alor Setar: M. Nagenthiran, died from three gunshots 

25 May 8: Tangkak: Muthu Pillai, was found dead with three gunshot wounds 

26. April 30: Taiping: 26-year-old victim and called out his name before firing.

27. April 25: Seremban: N. Ragunathan, was shot dead in his car 

28. April 26: Cheras: R. Karikaalan, died after hit by two of 10 shots 

29. April 25: Tampin: N. Ragunathan was shot dead in his car 

30. April 16: Taiping: K Muthazagen, was killed when bullets penetrated his head. 

31. April 14: Seremban: Tan Kok Soon, 56, was shot at close range 

32. April 12: Seremban: James John, 45, was shot dead in his car at traffic lights 

33. August 3 KOTA KINABALU: 44-year-old businessman killed in a drive-by shooting