Isnin, Ogos 05, 2013

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Daripada The Star Online
Clip about teacher who learns lessons from poor pupil moves many to tears

KOTA KINABALU: A video about a teacher who learns lessons in life from his impoverished pupil is making waves on YouTube and Facebook.
Those who have viewed Kasut Buruk, a five-minute video produced by the National Department for Culture and Arts Sabah, said they had been moved to tears by it.
It tells the story of a teacher who was upset with a pupil from the afternoon session who was always late to school and unkempt.
Despite being punished repeatedly, the boy never seemed to correct his ways. This prompted the teacher to visit his ramshackle house, located at a squatter settlement.
There, the teacher found that the boy’s elder brother, who was in the morning session, would run home from school quickly to pass his uniform to his younger sibling.
The teacher realised then that the family was so poor that the brothers had to share almost everything between them.
He apologised to the pupil and organised a fund-raising campaign for the family.