Selasa, Jun 20, 2017

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"Women are all born with a special, independent organ that allows them to lie.

It depends on the person, about the kind of lies they tell, what situation they tell them in, and how the lies are told.

But at a certain point in their lives, all women tell lies, and they lie about important things. They lie about unimportant things, too, but they also don't hesitate to lie about the most important things.

And when they do, most women's expressions and voices don't change at all, since it's not them lying, but this independent organ they're equipped with that's acting on its own.

That's why - except in a few special cases - they can still have a clear conscience and never lose sleep over anything they say."

- HARUKI MURAKAMI (2017) dalam 'An Independent Organ' dalam Men Without Women.