Tanah Airku Sesudah Rabu, 9 Mei 2018

Tanah Airku Sesudah Rabu, 9 Mei 2018
Wawasan 2020 menjadi kenyataan. Alhamdulillah. Terima kasih Tun. Tahniah Malaysia.


Khamis, Januari 16, 2014

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"As the Bible says, on the sixth day, God created man, and the seventh day, God rested. And on the day God rested, man, out of boredom and with nothing to do, created religions. And when God woke up on Monday he discovered man fighting over his name. And that was when God gave up and decided to go back to sleep."
- Raja Petra Kamaruddin in MalaysiaToday. Artikel penuh di sini.